Caribbean Shrimp with Vegatable Quinoa Pilaf and Plantain Mash

Recipe Name: Caribbean Shrimp with Vegetable Quinoa Pilaf and Plantain Mash by our GRAND PRIZE WINNER: Karla Villalobos


Caribbean Shrimp:

-2 pounds of Jumbo shrimp

- 2 small tomatoes

- 1 cup different color peppers

- half cup sliced onions

-1 bay leaf

-splash of white wine

- 1 spoon of butter

- salt and pepper to taste



  1. Sauté vegetables
  2. Add wine, salt, pepper, and bay leaf. Cook 15 mins. 
  3. Add one spoon butter
  4. When butter is melted add shrimp and simmer down for 5 minutes approximately.



Quinoa pilaf:

-boiled quinoa

-different color peppers


-yellow and green zucchini 

- kosher salt 

-olive oil



  1. sauté vegetables in olive oil
  2. Add pepper and salt to tastes
  3. Add drained quinoa


Caribbean plantain mash:

 -6 yellow or green plantains. Preferably no black spots if using yellow.

-4 garlics

-olive oil

- coconut oil

- salt and pepper to taste



  1. use a mortar to ground the garlic gloves
  2. Cut plantains in pieces and rub them in coconut oil.
  3. Bake plantains 30 minutes (350 C)
  4. When plantains are cooked add the mashed garlic, Pepper, salt, and oil to taste.
  5. Use a steel wire masher to mix all. 


    Final recipe:

    To create the dome use a cup and add one layer of the quinoa pilaf and one layer of plantain mash. Serve surrounded with the shrimps and sauce.  


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